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Junio C Hamano wrote:
Jeff Garzik <[email protected]> writes:
2) What is the easiest way to obtain a list of changes present in repository B, that are not present in repository A? I used to use git-changes-script [hacked cg-log script] for this:

I think I still have the copy you sent to the list.  If you do
not mind me placing in the master branch just holler -- better
yet please send a patch with commit log and signoff to add the
latest, and I will apply it.
It's archived here:

but it needs a git expert (read: not me :)) to fix it up for the very latest git-core stuff.
Currently, using 'git-changes-script -L ../linux-2.6' spits out
commit 2fca877b68b2b4fc5b94277858a1bedd46017cde
usage: git-cat-file [-t | -s | <type>] <sha1>

commit ff40c6d3d1437ecdf295b8e39adcb06c3d6021ef
usage: git-cat-file [-t | -s | <type>] <sha1>

commit 8bf62ecee58360749c5f0e68bc97d5e02a6816b1
usage: git-cat-file [-t | -s | <type>] <sha1>



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