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On Thu, Sep 22, 2005 at 01:10:44AM +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
> With drive->removable = 0 if I insert a card I get partition tables, it
> will then not rescan that in future even if the card changed, because
> there is no "media change detect" line, unlike on a floppy.
> If I pull the CF adapter out it is fine because you get pcmcia level
> hotplug but that is not neccessary for card changing on better designed
> adapters or when the CF adapter is on the board itself with a CF slot
> exposed to the user.

Interesting - all my CF adapters (and I have several, some cheapo
noname things to some branded ones) are dumb pieces of hardware -
they merely convert the PCMCIA connector to a CF connector, just as
dumb as those 240V mains adapters.

Also, "CF" is just a different form factor of PCMCIA - don't get
mislead by the term "Compact Flash" - you can get "CF" network
cards, serial cards, bluetooth cards, etc as well.  They're exactly
the same as PCMCIA network, serial, bluetooth cards, just in a
smaller package.

If you have a CF adapter which behaves as you describe above, could
you please check what happens as far as PCMCIA goes when you unplug
the CF card - particularly what happens to cardctl status / cardctl
ident ?

Russell King
 Linux kernel    2.6 ARM Linux   -
 maintainer of:  2.6 Serial core
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