Re: Kernel 2.6.13 breaks libpcap (and tcpdump).

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Herbert Xu wrote:
We aren't handling the reading of specific fields like the IP protocol
field correctly.  This patch should make it work again.
I can't spot the problem, could you give me a hint?

I tried to move this logic into the new load_pointer function but it
all came out messy so I simply rolled it back.
 			k = fentry->k;
-			ptr = load_pointer(skb, k, 4, &tmp);
+			if (k >= 0)
+				ptr = skb_header_pointer(skb, k, 4, &tmp);
+			else if (k < SKF_AD_OFF)
+				ptr = load_pointer(skb, k);
+			else
+				break;

The old value of ptr will be used in this case, it should
be explicitly set to NULL to abort.
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