RE: FW: [RFC] A more general timeout specification

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On Wed, 31 Aug 2005, Perez-Gonzalez, Inaky wrote:

> I cannot produce (top of my head) any other POSIX API calls that
> allow you to specify another clock source, but they are there,
> somewhere. If I am to introduce a new API, I better make it 
> flexible enough so that other subsystems can use it for more stuff
> other than...

So we have to deal at kernel level with every broken timeout specification 
that comes along?

> >Why is not sufficient to just add a relative/absolute version,
> >which convert the time at entry to kernel time?
> ...adding more versions that add complexity and duplicate
> code in many different places (user-to-kernel copy, syscall entry 
> points, timespec validation). And the minute you add a clock_id
> you can steal some bits for specifying absolute/relative (or vice
> versa), so it is almost a win-win situarion.

What "more versions" are you talking about? When you convert a user time 
to kernel time you can automatically validate it and later you can use 
standard kernel APIs, so you don't have to add even more API bloat.

bye, Roman
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