Re: [PATCH] [ACPI] acpi_shutdown: Only prepare for power off on power_off

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Pavel Machek <[email protected]> writes:

> Hi!
>> When acpi_sleep_prepare was moved into a shutdown method we
>> started calling it for all shutdowns.  It appears this triggers
>> some systems to power off on reboot.  Avoid this by only calling
>> acpi_sleep_prepare if we are going to power off the system.
> Are you sure that system_state is correctly set at this point? There are
> quite a few ways that lead to this...

- It is an error if system_state is not set properly.

-  Do to my earlier cleanups there are only 4 functions
   that call device_shutdown they are:
   kernel_restart(), kernel_kexec(), kernel_halt(), kernel_power_off()

   And those four all set system_state correctly.

If you can find another path that calls this incorrectly I would be happy
to fix it.  But my grep through the kernel doesn't reveal any other

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