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Danial Thom wrote:
--- Ben Greear <[email protected]> wrote:

Danial Thom wrote:

I think the concensus is that 2.6 has made

offs that lower raw throughput, which is what

networking device needs. So as a router or
network appliance, 2.6 seems less suitable. A

bridging test on a 2.0Ghz operton system:

FreeBSD 4.9: Drops no packets at 900K pps
Linux 2.4.24: Starts dropping packets at 350K

Linux 2.6.12: Starts dropping packets at 100K

I ran some quick tests using kernel 2.6.11, 1ms
tick (HZ=1000), SMP kernel.
Hardware is P-IV 3.0Ghz + HT on a new
SuperMicro motherboard with 64/133Mhz
PCI-X bus.  NIC is dual Intel pro/1000.  Kernel
is close to stock 2.6.11.
What GigE adapters did you use? Clearly every
driver is going to be different. My experience is
that a 3.4Ghz P4 is about the performance of a
2.0Ghz Opteron. I have to try your tuning script
Intel pro/1000, as I mentioned.  I haven't tried any other
NIC that comes close in performance to the e1000.

If your test is still set up, try compiling
something large while doing the test. The drops
go through the roof in my tests.
Installing RH9 on the box now to try some tests...

Disk access always robs networking, in my experience, so
I am not supprised you see bad ntwk performance while


Ben Greear <[email protected]>
Candela Technologies Inc

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