Re: [RFC][PATCH 2.6.13-rc6] add Dell Systems Management Base Driver (dcdbas) with sysfs support

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>On Mon, 15 Aug 2005 18:38:49 CDT, Doug Warzecha said:
>> > If this is supposed to be used with the RBU code to trigger a BIOS  
>> > update, ...
>> This driver is not needed by the RBU code.
> Documentation/dell_rbu.txt says:
>> The rbu driver needs to have an application which will inform the BIOS to
>> enable the update in the next system reboot.
> Can the dcdbas code be used to implement that application?

No, dcdbas has nothing to do with this. I'll have to submit a patch
against the docs. The program you need to use already exists and is
open source. You can use libsmbios to do this.

The binary you want to use is "activateCmosToken", under bins/output/
(after compilation). The command line syntax is like this:
	activateCmosToken 0x005C

If you want to cancel a BIOS update that has already been activated
(per above), use: 	
	activateCmosToken 0x005D

Basically, follow the docs in the RBU docs as far as cat-ing the bios
update image to the rbu sysfs files, then use the activateCmosToken
program to tell BIOS to do the update on reboot. 


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