Re: Problem with usb-storage and /dev/sd?

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    Hi Pete :)

 * Pete Zaitcev <[email protected]> dixit:
> > A global unique ID won't work out to make all USB mass storage devices
> > appear under a common mountpoint, especially if it is recreated while
> > "formating" it.
> That is correct, but not what Dervish wanted. He wanted to mount them
> on separate pre-assigned mount points. If you want all of them to mount
> on the same place, just use /dev/sda1!

    That's not possible. sd_mod will assign different devices for
different USB gadgets, and that's my problem in the first case!. If I
plug my USB-whatever, it gets assigned /dev/sda1 (for the first
partition, I mean). If I unplug it and, after that, I plug any other
USB device, it gets assigned /dev/sdb1, etc. Don't know if the
culprit is usb-storage or sd_mod :? The problem is that I cannot know
about which device was assigned (at least in 2.4.x) so I can modify
fstab or even mount it.

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

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