lpfc driver in 2.6.13-rc6 broken on ppc64 ?

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Hi, I am having problems using some older Emulex fibre adapters on a
ppc64 machine, whenever I load the lpfc driver I get a large number of 

"lpfc 0001:d8:01.0: 1:0321 Unknown IOCB command Data: x0 x3 x0 x0"

with several hundred messages per adapter

and finally I get this message:

lpfc 0001:d8:01.0: 1:0222 Initial FLOGI timeout
lpfc 0001:d8:01.0: 1:0127 ELS timeout Data: x4000000 xfffffe x8a x23

Is this a known issue ?

Let me know if you need patches tested, thanks.

Sonny Rao
IBM LTC Performance

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