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> I am trying a custom 2.6.8 kernel now, and here is my
> .config file.
> Let me know what you think.

I don't know much about Kernel Panics. I hope that someone that knows could
take a look, but so far, it looks like you need to be running Sid to have
this working propperly.

Please try 2.6.8, I'm almost sure that it should work.

And anyway, this ML is not really a user support list, try asking in a
debian mailing list, if they think that it's something wrong with the
kernel, then come back and let us know.


> Alejandro Bonilla wrote:
> >>Hi,
> >>
> >>   I am in need of some help!
> >>I have installed Debian which has 2.6.8-2 kernel on it.
> After a fresh
> >>install I downloaded the kernel and went to upgrade.  After
> >>making the necessary changes in menuconfig I rebuilt the kernel and
> >>install it.  It boots up until I get:
> >>Modules linked in:
> >>CPU:       0
> >>EIP:         0060:[c026d55d]   Not tainted VLI
> >>EFLAGS: 00010006    (
> >>EIP is at adpt_isr+0x178/0x1f5
> >>.......
> >>Cut out for space and time as I am typeing it all in.
> >>........
> >><0>Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception in interrupt
> >>
> >>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> >>I have been messing with this issue for the past 3 days now.  I have
> >>tried 2.6.11,, 2.6.12,, and all of those
> >>kernels end up with the same problem.
> >>
> >>Thanks in advance.
> >>
> >>Jon

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