Re: [PATCH] driver core: Add the ability to unbind drivers to devices from userspace

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> > > > Could you tell me why you don't just fail the operation if malformed
> > > > input is supplied?
> > >
> > > Leading/trailing white space should be allowed. For example echo
> > > appends '\n' unless you know to use -n. It is easier to fix the kernel
> > > than to teach everyone to use -n.
> > 
> > Please, NO! echo -n is the right thing to do, and users will eventually learn.
> > We are not going to add such workarounds all over the kernel...
> It is not a work around. These are text attributes meant for human
> use.  Humans have a hard time cleaning up things they can't see. And
> the failure mode for this is awful, your attribute won't set but
> everything on the screen looks fine.

Kernel is not a place to be user friendly. Or do you propose stripping whitespace
for open(), too? File called "foo.txt    " certainly *is* going to be confusing, but it should be allowed at kernel level.

Now... echo foo > /sys/var does not properly report errors. Thats bad, but it needs to
be fixed in bash.
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