mthca and LinuxBIOS (was: [PATCH 1/2] [IB/cm]: Correct CM port redirect reject codes)

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    yhlu> In LinuxBIOS, If I enable the prefmem64 to use real 64
    yhlu> range. the IB driver in Kernel can not be loaded.

What does it mean to "enable the prefmem64 to use real 64 range"?

Does the driver work if you don't do this?

    yhlu> ib_mthca 0000:04:00.0: Failed to initialize queue pair table, aborting.

Can you add printk()s to mthca_qp.c::mthca_init_qp_table() to find out
how far the function gets before it fails?

It would also be useful for you to build with CONFIG_INFINIBAND_MTHCA_DEBUG=y
and send the kernel output you get with that.

 - Roland
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