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H. Peter Anvin wrote:

Bodo Eggert wrote:

I hacked some changes to create vogon-compatibility. Maybe you like it.
I'm not completely happy, but it's too late now.

- Make first column more terse
- Move full download links to a seperate table, where they can be found.
- Add <h2> headings above the patches and above the tarballs
- Add some hints
- Create a dead link to a patching-HOWTO
- Add a 'applies to:' column
- fix legend to match changes

This is completely useless. The issue isn't the formatting, the issue
is to make yet another change to an already hard-to-maintain set of
Why not just have the scripts plug values into a database, and have the
html/php be formatted like Bodo suggests, and reads content from database?
Very simple, less maintenance... Only requires 1 initial redesign, and
easier maintainence of the scripts that you speak of.
Michael Krufky

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