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Andy Isaacson wrote:
> Yesterday I booted my laptop to 2.6.13-rc2-mm1, suspended to swsusp, and
> then resumed.  It ran fine overnight, including a fair amount of IO
> (running firefox, rsyncing ~/Mail/archive from my mail server, hg pull,
> etc).  This morning I did a swsusp:
> 	echo shutdown > /sys/power/disk
> 	echo disk > /sys/power/state
> and got a panic along the lines of "Unable to find swap space, try

a panic? it should only be an error message, but the machine should
still be alive.

> swapon -a".  Unfortunately I was in a hurry and didn't record the error
> messages.  I powered off, then a few minutes later powered on again.

Powered off hard or "shutdown -h now"?

> At this point, it resumed *to the swsusp state from yesterday*!
> As soon as I realized what had happened, I powered off (not
> shutdown) and rebooted.


> On the next boot it did not find a swsusp signature and booted normally;
> ext3 did a normal recovery and seemed OK, but I was suspicious and did a
> fsck -f, which revealed a lot of damage; most of the damage seemed to be

this is expected in this case, unfortunately.

> in the hg repo which had been pulled from
> It's extremely unfortunate that there is *any* failure mode in swsusp
> that can result in this behavior.

I of course won't say that this cannot happen, but by design, the swsusp
signature is invalidated even before reading the image, so theoretically
it should not happen.

> I will try to reproduce, but I'm curious if anyone else has seen this.

i have not seen anything like that, but i am not always running the
latest & greatest kernel.
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