Re: [RFC] Atmel-supplied hardware headers for AT91RM9200 SoC processor

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> > No reason to use the horror it is as-is.  Beein hardware description they
> > won't change ever except for additions, so just clean the mess up into
> > somethign nice and submit them.  You could have done so in the time you
> > spent arguing on linux-arm-kernel already.
> Or written a perl script to reprocess them into something saner for
> that matter.

The issue that everybody seems to be forgetting (or ignoring) with
changing the headers is that ALL the drivers then also need to be
converted, and re-tested.

> The licensing does look problematic - perhaps Atmel will be happy to
> dual license them (see the many BSD bits of code that are in kernel
> and say things like "or at your option you may use the GNU Public
> License version 2 or later" and similar.

I have asked Atmel if they're willing to dual-license the headers.  The
licensing issue is probably now with their legal department, but I don't
see them having a problem with it.

  Andrew Victor

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