Re: [ANNOUNCE][RFC] PlugSched-5.2.1 for 2.6.11 and 2.6.12

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Peter Williams wrote:
Con Kolivas wrote:

On Mon, 20 Jun 2005 15:33, Peter Williams wrote:

PlugSched-5.2.1 is available for 2.6.11 and 2.6.12 kernels.  This
version applies Con Kolivas's latest modifications to his "nice" aware
SMP load balancing patches.

Thanks Peter.
Any word from your own testing/testers on how well smp nice balancing is working for them now?

No, they got side tracked onto something else but should start working on it again soon. I'll give them a prod :-)
We've done some more testing with this with results that are still disappointing. We think that one reason for this is that move_tasks() doesn't take "nice" into account. I'm going to look at modifying it so that it moves a certain amount of niceness rather than a specified number of tasks. A second (more difficult to solve) issue is that we think it would work better if both queue lengths and "nice" loads were kept approximately equal between the queues. It's hard to see how this can be managed without considerable overhead.
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