Re: How to compile a soft same as the version realeased by fedora?

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On Sat, 19 Mar 2011 17:54:28 -0700
Konstantin Svist <[email protected]> wrote:

> By default, both production and debug versions are built using the 
> fedora method. At least that's the way the kernel .src package behaves

Found the cause.  And your observation above seems to be correct.  There
is a file in /usr/lib/rpm called rpmrc. That file has the compile flags
that rpmbuild uses. There is a -g on every one.  So anything that is
built by rpmbuild with a default Fedora system will have debug
information compiled into the binary.  Maybe the packager does this and
then strips the debugging information into a separate package, and uses
the stripped binary as the official binary package?

To change that, cp the file to ~/.rpmrc and then edit and remove all
the architectures except the one you are interested in (yours!).
Duplicate the line, and comment out one of them.  On the other, remove
the -g from the end of the line.  rpmbuild -bb will then compile the
package using optimization.  If you ever want to compile a package for
debugging, comment the optimization line and uncomment the debug
line.  In that case you might want to change -g to -ggdb if you are
going to use gdb as a debugger.

This seems to be compiling faster as well.  I suppose that is a result
of not needing to add debugging information.
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