Re: how to run kdesu without asking password?

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erikmccaskey64 wrote:

> Fedora 14, with GNOME:
> sudo works without password:
> visudo
> MYUSER ALL=(transmission-user) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/transmission-gtk
> then:
> xhost local:transmission-user
> sudo -u transmission-user -- /usr/bin/transmission-gtk
> ok, it runs without prompting for a password. [I'm logged in with the
> "MYUSER" user]
> But: when i want to use kdesu, then:
> kdesu -c "/usr/bin/transmission-gtk" -u transmission-user &
> it asks for a password.
> How can i set kdesu to not prompt for a password with a given
> user/command? [just like with sudo] Thanks.

This should still work:

-- Rex

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