Re: Where can I find a functional nslookup?

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On 02/12/2011 04:19 PM, Bill Davidsen wrote:
> Bill Davidsen wrote:
>> The nslookup shipped with Fedora is a toy, with most of the important
>> parts returning "not implemented" status. Can someone point me to a
>> source for the real program, such as I used on other systems like AIX?
>> The lack of functionality is becoming a real time-waster!
> While I appreciate people taking time to provide pointers to other tools, that 
> really wasn't the question... I don't want to retrain a bunch of people in a 
> mixed AIX/Linux environment, nor give them the impression that Linux tools are 
> inferior (although in this case they are).
> I don't know where the AIX version came from, I'll look to BSD for a solution. 
> Having used real nslookup on AIX for a decade or so, I'd rather have it just for 
> me, even if it didn't skip a training/perceptual problem.
> These folks use "ls" and "hinfo" for many things, their internal nameservers 
> provide it, I suspect their scripts expect it to work, and see no reason for the 
> Linux version to be a capon. Violates Plauger's Law of Least Astonishment.
> Thanks all.

 nslookup came from I believe ..

 Look down for nslookup ...

 I may have missed it - what functionality are you looking for that is
not working ?
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