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On 2/5/11 8:27 PM, David wrote:
> On 2/5/2011 9:49 PM, Tim wrote:
>> Tim:
>>>> Windows cesspit.
>> David:
>>> Is this were we don the funny clothes, chant the funny words, and
>>> sacrifice the lamb on the sacred Alter of Linux?
>> Not yet...  The thread hasn't gone off-topic enough.
> Good. Then I did not miss the ceremony. I have the lamb and the sacred
> daggers cleansed and prepared. Just let me know were to take them when
> the time arrives.
> A little levity, from time to time, does help don't you think?  :-)
Not at all.  Now for the 'real fun'.  I got a NEW Mac today.  I am going 
to look at what Linux distributions can be installed on it.  Then the 
fun really starts.

I don't think there is an FC build that will install on it, but if 
anyone can help, off list if you want.  It definitely DOES NOT belong in 
this thread.

James McKenzie

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