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Greetings. We have some machines which need a proxy to access the
Internet, but we use a local mirror for Fedora packages (which doesn't
go through the proxy).

The proxy settings are configured in the GNOME proxy tool, which sets
environment variables such as http_proxy and https_proxy, etc. The
no_proxy variable is also automatically set for everything added to
"ignore" in the GNOME proxy tool.

With all this, Yum works perfectly fine. It seems to respect the
system proxy settings, in particular the no_proxy for the local
mirror. Great.

PackageKit however, fails to work with the proxy set. If we turn the
proxy settings off, then it works (as expected). To me, that means
it's not respecting the no_proxy variables, unlike Yum.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to tell it to, or how to fix?

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