Re: I'm asking help for my project - If you're interested get contacted with me

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On Thu, 2011-01-06 at 11:28 +0100, Zoltan Hoppar wrote: 
> Sorry, I'm not perfect in english, and also I was really tired. So, again.
> I'll try to create an advertising spot with open source tools in
> Fedora theme. I already have permission to use NASA movie parts, and I
> have the theme music. I would like to ask you guys, that if you're
> interested - that create some short records about Fedora, and about
> the desktop, even I could imagine terminal shots (booting sequence,
> yum actions, building from source could be handy, etc.) too. The
> target is present the possibilities within Fedora. The base theme is
> an Shuttle launch, and right now I'm searching the fitting pieces,
> selecting, cutting them as it's needed.
> So, if you could and you would like to - please help me out to get it
> ready to FOSDEM.

That's much clearer, thank you.

Sorry I'm not in a position to help the multimedia aspect of the
project, which sounds worthwhile. However if you need help with English
translation I'm available (I speak fluent Spanish and can read Portugese
if that helps).

By the way, you're still top-posting. Please don't do that.


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