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>> IIRC, the original question had to do with a new install of F14, in
>> which case Anaconda is probably the tool the OP is expecting to use.  I
> Yes, absolutely - there are also other benefits to sticking with what anaconda
> can directly configure, e.g. the ability to script the entire setup via
> kickstart (OK you could do some fancy %pre scripting but the raid directive is
> generally easier to use).

Another benefit to sticking with anaconda would be upgrades -- how
would anaconda handle a disk layout that it couldn't parse because
unsupported partitioning/formatting was performed?

Okay, I played around with the system a bit, and still can't get LVM
on top of RAID. I first created the RAID devices, then tried to layer
LVM on top of them, but it says that there's no free space. I also
tried the other way around (leaving the default LVM layout created by
anaconda) and creating RAID devices, but this also results in "no free
space" messages.

Doesn't RAID get wrapped in LVM, much like disk partitions get wrapped in RAID?

If that is not the case, would you detail the steps I should follow in
anaconda (FC14, x86_64) to create a root (RAID5), /boot (RAID1), and
/home (RAID5) partitions on four disks with LVM?

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