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--- On Wed, 12/15/10, Roubhya Shankar Aluni <[email protected]> wrote:

> I have downloaded a fedora 10 dvd iso of size approx 1.58GB and after 
> burning it is bootable! But surprisingly it also has no EFI folder! How it 
> boots at all ? And if it is bootable then other DVD ISOs having no EFI & 
> size approx. 3.41GB is not bootable, WHY ?

First, the Fedora 10 DVD ISO file size should be 3.5 to 3.9GB depending on whether its the 32 or 64-bit OS versions.  So, that bootable DVD is not the complete file.  Besides checking the ISO size, you should also do a checksum on it to check for errors.

IIRC, EFI support was not implemented until Fedora 11.  My Fedora 9 64-bit DVD doesn't have an EFI folder and it boots and installs just fine.  So, don't worry about 10 not having it.

As to why the "other" DVD doesn't boot . . .  Improperly burned?  Bad download?  Bad media?

Why don't you tell us in detail, step by step, what you did, what OS you used to do it, and what software to do it with, when creating the DVD, then maybe what you're doing incorrectly will be apparent.


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