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On 10/15/2010 12:56 AM, Rick Sewill wrote:
>> Would you mind sharing which networks your attacks came from?
> I hesitate to answer, but will.
> The people who own and
> were very cooperative and interested.
> The Chinese IP address was
> I could connect to port 80 and saw,
> what I thought, was a Chinese job website...I don't know Chinese.
> I apologize if the website is not Chinese.
> The attack packets had a user agent name of friendly-scanner.
> I assumed it was a version of something found at
> http://blog.sipvicious.org/
> I assume it was looking for an asterisk server.
> Unfortunately, my twinkle client decided to reply.
> I tried looking for a twinkle configuration option to tell twinkle to
> just ignore REGISTER requests, to no avail.

It seems to be sipvicious although headers can be forged. The site looks 
Chinese to my untrained eyes too. I searched on the Twinkle website but 
couldn't find a way to ignore register requests. I don't know if other 
clients also respond to register requests so can't recommend any 

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