Re: help - can't boot 2.6.34

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On Thu, 7 Oct 2010 07:30:54 -0500 Jonathan Dieter <[email protected]>

> On Thu, 2010-10-07 at 06:59 -0500, Ranjan Maitra wrote:
> > The delta rpms may be the problem but also the solution.
> The deltarpms are not the problem.  If the deltarpm doesn't build to a
> byte-for-byte copy of the original rpm, the signature won't match and
> yum will refuse to install it.
> Jonathan

I don't think the "delta rpms" are a problem in the install. It is
not an issue of the signature matching. Some bug was introduced in the
middle and it seems to have carried on. That is the only explanation I
could come up for my observation that you can not update from the
interim 2.6.34's at all. 

Specifically, I went back to and removed all the other
more recent kernels -- the last two kernels before 2.6.34-7. Then I installed the latest from and this time, it rebooted fine, no problem.

The problem has cropped up over the last three kernels. If I update from a
lower kernel, there is not a problem, but from these it yields the kernel
panic. So, I believe this bug was introduced in the previous two kernels and has not
gone away. Something there has changed (please consider the changes from the
last three 2.6.34 kernels relative to the ones previous to it, I guess!)

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