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On Wednesday, September 29, 2010 04:01:43 am Gary Stainburn wrote:
> My laptop is dual boot with WinXP.
> In XP it works perfectly fine, but as Samsung Keis and as mass storage.
> I have completed a firmware update but it has made no difference.
> It still doesn't work, with the /var/log/messages entry still being the
> same as my first post
I dont have access to windows at all so i have no idea how it works there.  
but my captivate ( at&t branded galaxy s)  i select storage then i have to 
slide down the notification bar  select the  "USB connected select to copy files 
to/from your computer"  then tell it yes mount.  after that its automatically 
mounted for me.  when done i need to redo that procedure and  tell it to 
unmount.  after ive unmounted from my laptop/desktop.  I assume that you need 
to do the same thing for whatever galaxy s variant it is that you have.


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