Re: Disable SSE3 routines in glibc

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On 09/19/2010 08:20 AM, Thawan Kooburat wrote:
> Hi,
> Because of my work, I need to prevent glibc from using SSE3 routine
> such as __strncpy_ssse3 even though the machine supports those
> features.
> My current solution is to recompile glibc from source rpm.  However, I
> am not sure if there is a flag that I add into the spec to do what I
> want.
> There seems to be --host option of 32-bit that allow me to target
> specific CPU (i[345]86) but I don't see if there is a similar option
> for x86_64 machine.
> Any suggestion?
Might I ask why would you need disabling of sse3?
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