Re: F12: bash-completion issues?

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Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
> Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
>> Perhaps I am assuming wrong, but it appears that bash-completion
>> is not working for local files in the gnome-terminal?
>> For example, I know there is a file in my desktop called "ListAvailable"
>> so I tried this:
>> # yum list available > List<tab>
>> and bash completion refuses to locate the local file and to expand it.
>> Is this expected?
> I have tested this on an older OS version before posting.
Rephased: "I *should* have tested this on an older OS version before 
> I checked bash completions on a F9 and the behaviour is
> all the same.  If F9 is a good test, acts the same as on later
> OS releases, then perhaps the answer to my question is, "yes
> it is normal behaviour".
> Dan

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