Re: Fedora Logs out straight after Log in is complete

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On 07/15/2010 09:48 AM, Rishi Patel wrote:
> Hi Marvin,
> I tried running "less .xessions-errors" in konsole in both home
> directory and root, but it says file not found. I am not familiar
> enough with linux to know how to access the other user's files, I
> assume there will be a x log in there as the crashes take place with
> that user?
> Is there a way to restore the x file? I know i have a copy of it saved
> in my documents in that user, as I was having trouble saving the x
> file as it was in use. This meant everytime i rebooted I went back to
> one monitor, and had to enable the second monitor again.
> Thanks .
Just a quicky:
First, the tilde (~ ) character is Unix/Linux shorthand for home directory.
The command should be:
less .xession-errors

The ~/.xsession-errors is created when you start the X Window system,
and is cumulative. It can contain a lot of data. Most likely it will
contain a clue that can help you solve your problem.

I don't know what you mean about the "x" file.

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