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Am 25.06.2010 18:05, schrieb Bob Goodwin:
>      It seems I ask this question after every new Fedora release. How do
>      I go about transferring my Thunderbird pop mail files from this F-12
>      computer to a second computer running F-13.
>      I've been running Redhat and Fedora Linux since 1999 and have never
>      once succeeded in transferring my mail files.
>      Can anyone tell me where to look for a clear and simple step by step
>      procedure for doing this? My daughter manages to keep her mail
>      messages [on her Mac] back to the beginning of time, mine never go
>      back much more than six months, some I would like to keep.
>      The computers are all tied to our LAN, I can put files on a flash
>      drive, cdrom, etc. but my effort never seem to be able to get the
>      job done. I will try anything ...
>      Bob
I do a backup of my home-directory on an ext2-formatted USB
stick alike
tar -czf /media/.../home.tgz * .thunderbird .ssh .mozilla
During install, I reformat my /home partition; I always
do a total reformatting of all Fedora partitions and
a clean new install. On the new system, prior to any use of
tar -xcf /media/.../home.tgz
and all goes well. My desktop is gnome, maybe you have
to replace "/media/" if you use a different desktop.
You have to replace "/.../" by the real name of your stick
(which will occur on your desktop). If you home directory
is large, use any reformatted external USB hard disk.

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