Re: Monitor disconnects (?) in F13

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Lainaus Patrick O'Callaghan <[email protected]>:
> It happened again so I tried the ssh. I was able to log in and
> everything seemed to be still running, including my usual GUI apps (I
> use KDE). Killing kdm, killing X and doing 'init 3' all had no effect.
> It's as if the monitor is physically disconnected (or the video driver
> is dead). I had to reboot. I'm going to report it to BZ.

I have seen similar lockups, when I ssh to the machine and do "ps ax"  
I can see that the X server and various KDE processes are stuck in the  
D (uninterruptable sleep) state. Hard reset with reset button is the  
only thing that helps, "shutdown" or "reboot" commands don't have any  
effect. Please post your Bugzilla report number, I'll add my own  
information to help to solve this.

     Markku Kolkka
     [email protected]

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