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On Sun, 2010-04-18 at 17:57 +0300, Dj YB wrote:
> is thee a difference in terms of powersaving between manually 
> shutting down the monitor (pushing the button) and the screensaver
> monitor powering off.

That depends on your monitor.  

If it's power switch is a mechanical one, one that has two physically
different on/off positions, it actually cuts off the power when you turn
it off.  So, yes, turning your monitor off by hand will stop it using
any power, at all.

Conversely, if your monitor has a soft power switch, it never turns off.
It'll go into some sort of standby mode, which is still using power.
With some equipment, the standby power is significant.  With such
equipment, you may find that the monitor uses the same amount of power
in standby mode whether turned off on the monitor, or remotely by the
computer.  Or there may be different levels of powering down, some
monitors have several levels, since they power down enough to affect
recovery speed, the manufacturers have built in options that are less
annoying (rapid turn on, versus more waiting before you get to see a
picture).  That will depend on the monitor, the graphics card, and the
drivers (whether the monitor and graphics card can do it, and whether
the computer can control them).

> moreover, is the graphic card keep on working the same when the
> screensaver poweroff the monitor?

I keep meaning to remotely log into my computer to check that.  Like
wondering whether that fridge light really goes off when you close the
door, I've wondered if the system was smart enough to do nothing with
the display rendering when the screen was inert.

On my laptop, I'd often notice that if I closed the lid, which is set to
simply turn off the display, and not shutdown the OS, that the cooling
fan would rev up.  So, it certainly didn't look like the computer was
doing less work without the display.  But I never get around to testing
it properly.

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