Re: Sorbet on Fedora's future

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Do what thou wilt
shall  be the whole  of the Law.

i'd like to make a few points:

On 3/19/10, Marcel Rieux <[email protected]> wrote:
> (1) The only option available in my Gigabyte MA770T-UD3P's BIOS
> offering only options for entering passwords, for exemple.

> not breaking stable releases is the most
> fundamental Fedora rule, as expressed here in the Stable release
> update vision:
> This, and more very important stuff, under "Vision Statement" at this URL:
see:  "What's The
Fedora Project?"
/* "stable release" seems be be a recent development */

> It's very strange, but it seems that open-source developers like to
> pay their bills just like anybody. As more and more major companies
> are entering the "open-source market", Nokia and Intel, for example,
> who's going to be left developing open-source for nothing in project
> that more and more will look rather futile, compared to mainstream?
> Because, believe it or not, open source is now becoming mainstream, As
> I explained here:
> (1) Please don't bring forward this nonsense about their contribution
> to WebKit. WebKit was a fork from KHTML, a GPLed project. So the code
> had to be opened. and whatever contribution Darwin makes to the open
> source community pretty much amount to a drop of water in the sea.
> At 19 years old. Linux is certainly not a new kid on the block
> anymore. How come, even with Ubuntu, it is still howering at around 1%
> of the market share? How come all the brawlers who invade Linux
> groups/forums/lists are still allowed to bash new users pretending
> that market share is not important in order to be accepted in
> standards definition, that they'll still be surfing the net with Lynx
> ten years from now?
> Can't anybody notice that traditional little budget open-source is
> right in the middle of the track where the large corporations'
> open-source is riding full steam head?
> IMO, Fedora releases will have to become much more stable and urgency
> to get more market share will have to be established as a clear
> priority. Very F-A-S-T. The Stable release update vision should be
> followed "à la lettre".

1) "market share" is not as important as what you do to get it.
2) "open source" is not the same as free software.

Love is the law, love under will.

charles zeitler
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