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> if you write "I know everything about Linux/Unix "in your CV ...... I
> think it will not be considerable

I've been running Linux on my own boxes since 1994 or so, and not just
on x86 machines, but Old World PowerPC Macintoshes as well, both
Debian and MkLinux, which was an Apple-sponsored project which built
the Linux kernel around the Mach microkernel.

Since 1999 or so I had been building my own kernels.  For almost that
whole time I would download tarballs from The Series Of Tubes to build
for my own boxes.  Quite often, stuff wouldn't build out of the box,
so I had to hack it until it did.

All this time I had quite a lot of good coding experience on my
resume, including work as a Senior Engineer at Apple Computer.

But try as I might - and I did try, many times - I was completely
unable to get any kind of job working on Linux.  None whatsoever!  And

I had absolutely no *paid* Linux experience on my resume!

Finally, the solution occurred to me: I have a "Skills" section right
at the beginning of my resume, that lists all my programming languages
and the like.

I added an item that listed every single Linux distro I had ever
installed myself.  There were quite a lot of them.

Now the typical headhunter would still pass on me, because I had no
actual paid positions that said anything about Linux.  But a software
engineering manager who was actually familiar with Linux, would look
at that fact that I listed Yggdrasil among my distros, and understand
instantly that I really did have real-world Linux experience.

Yggdrasil ceased publication maybe twelve years ago.   These days,
anyone who even knows there was such a thing as an Yggdrasil distro
clearly must be an old-school Linux Guru.

I now have a job at Sony Ericsson, where I am a member of one of their
Men in Black teams.  Us Men in Black specialize in isolating and
fixing the very most obscure and arcane bugs and performance problems
in Sony Ericsson's mobile phone software, which in the case of my
particular project, is Sony Ericsson's port of Google Android....

... which is Linux.

I'll send you my bill in the mail.

Don Quixote
Don Quixote de la Mancha
[email protected]

   Dulcinea Technologies Corporation: Software of Elegance and Beauty.
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