info about how much memory ramfs is using

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If I set a ramfs file system like this on a Fedora 12 system (but I think it is the same in general):

mkdir /ramfs
mount -t ramfs -o size=10m ramfs /ramfs

I can see it via mount but not via df command.
[[email protected] ~]# mount
ramfs on /ramfs type ramfs (rw,size=10m)

As ramfs is dynamic and can go beyond initial set, how can I see how much memory is using?
For example in my case where I set 10MB, I can do

[[email protected] ~]# dd if=/dev/zero of=/ramfs/testfile bs=1024k count=30
30+0 records in
30+0 records out
31457280 bytes (31 MB) copied, 0.0393341 s, 800 MB/s

But mount gives the same result
ramfs on /ramfs type ramfs (rw,size=10m)

Is there any other virtual file to show up its usage?

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