Fedora 12, Xorg, and Apex Outlook KVM, - can't nail resolution

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  I've been looking at this for some time in both the
archives of the list and the web in general.  The problem
is that when my Fedora 12 machine is connected though the
KVM (Apex Outlook 8 port) the monitor shows up as "Unknown"
and the resolution is limited to 800x600.

If I plug the monitor directly into the machine, it resolves
just fine and I have the full range of resolutions.

I tried an number of things so far and the one which seemed
most promising was to plug the monitor directly into the 
machine and go to run level 3.  I then ran "xorg -configure"
which created /root/xorg.conf.new (I may be remembering the
syntax of the command incorrectly).  I copied that to
/etc/X11/xorg.conf and uncommented the NoDDC option with the syntax:
Option     "NoDDC"  "True"  

Unfortunately the results are unchanged.  The Xorg.0.log appears
to show that the xorg.conf file is being read, but it goes out
and probes the monitor anyway.



I have put the xorg.conf file and Xorg.0.log out at my web
site in the hope someone can give me a pointer on how to
make X use what I tell it in the xorg.conf file and not
do the probes itself.  Note that my Fedora 6 machine, Redhat 9
machine, sparc 20, and assorted Windows machines work

I appreciate any time and help which can be offered.

Bob Styma

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