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Aaron Konstam wrote:
> On Tue, 2010-02-02 at 22:46 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote: 
>> I currently don't have an F11 system up and running...but will try to
>> get one up this week.  But, I do have a question.  When you open
>> "Places--->Network" you'd normally see "Windows Network" and under that
>> you'd find any Workgroups or Domains that have advertised their
>> existence.  Yes?
>> So, what would you expect to see under "Places--->Network" with regards
>> to other Fedora or Linux systems?  NFS shares?  FTP servers?  SSHD
>> servers?  Or do you just expect that their existence will be noted?  I
>> just want to understand what you see as working correctly.
>> Thanks.... 
> Well that is a little mysterious. Under the windows network you see the
> various shaes ADMIN$ C$ print$. One expects to be able to login to any
> of those shares. Although I admit I have yet to make that work. No
> passwd I try works.
I see.  Well, that is another thing.....
> What I saw under F11 was icons for all the Fedora machines on the LAN
> including the one I am on and I would expect to be able to open the icon
> and login to the machine. You can do that using Places-> Connect to
> Server but then yo need to know in advance the machines name or ip
> address. Using Places->Network seems easier.
OK....  But, I'm still not clear on one thing and I just like to make
sure....  When you say you can see the "icons for all the Fedora
machines on the LAN" you are saying you see them directly in the
"Places->Network" window and not "Places->Network->Windows Network".

And, when you say "login" do you mean actually login and get a shell
prompt or login and see files/folders that have been exported/shared?

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