Re: Fedora 12 and 11 KDE - No Sound

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Chris Ross wrote:
> In the System Settings -> Multimedia -> Audio Output pane the only
> device listed now is Pulseaudio. Previously, my Midiman Delta soundcard
> was also listed and when I selected that I had sound. Selecting
> Pulseaudio has never resulted in working sounds, even before last week.

Well, there's your problem. The old setting bypassed PulseAudio, which is a 
bad idea when PulseAudio is running because you're taking the device away 
from PulseAudio.

> Only it's now no longer possible to select anything else.

Disable or uninstall PulseAudio if you don't want to use it. But a better 
idea would be figuring out WHY you get no sound with PulseAudio. Try running 
pavucontrol (install it if you don't have it) and checking that the sound is 
not muted and the volumes make sense.

        Kevin Kofler

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