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Rahul Tidke writes:

Hi Guys!
  I am trying to sync two network locations in real-time (with acceptable
time lag) and just found this FAM and IMON from SGI
( , I also found one package Gamin
but don't know how to setup this. Can someone point me in right direction to
achieve this?
yum install gamin

There's nothing else to set up.

I am able to rsync two locations using simple cron job and RSA key
authentication (password less, using Keychain).
Do I need to build a custom kernel for this (FAM and IMON)?
No. Gamin is a replacement for FAM in earlier Fedora releases. Both use the
same kernel API.
You might be misundersting what Gamin/FAM is. It is not a tool for
synchronizing contents of directories. It's an API by which an application
gets notified whenever the contents of a directory change. By "contents of a
directory" means "the names of files in a directory", that is "when new
files are created in a directory, existing files are removed, or renamed",
and not "contents of any file in a directory". As such, there is nothing to
configure. An application uses the appropriate Gamin/FAM API, and then gets
notified when that happens.

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