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[email protected] wrote:
>> This then begs the question....
>> You said: "I have had one machine with F11 on it"  but now you've tried
>> installing on some "older" systems and it has failed for you.
>> So, what is different between the system with F11 on it and the "older"
>> systems...or what did you do differently?  I have some older
>> system...but F11 and now F12 works fine on it.  So, unless "older" can
>> be defined there is little that can be offered.
> Well the machines are ALL Pentium4's or Core2 Duo's, not 'really' old.
> What Im fishing for is there known problems with the boot block that F11
> install writes?  Mabe the code has changed and it no longer supports 'all' 
> players.  
> I dont see it as being the 'machines' but rather someting in the boot process
> and was hoping that someone else had seen the same problem. 
Yes, "fishing" is the operative word.....

You have one system with F11 and "others" where you can't install.  Of
course you've not said how many...but let's say it is 3.  So, you've had
a 25% success rate installing F11.   I'm pretty sure the overall success
rate is much greater than 25%.  And I'm pretty sure plenty of folks out
there have Pentium4's or Core2 Duo's.  It also doesn't make much sense
that you say think you have a boot block problem but talk about code
supporting CD/DVD players.  I don't see the relationship.

In any event, my 2 older systems...Pentium 4 DIY with an
ancient Liteon CD player, both with IDE drives installed and work just fine.

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