Re: Raid I/O error

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On 12/26/2009 08:20 PM, Allan R. Batteiger wrote:

>     I have a sever with a Raid controller, 4 drives setup as Raid 5.   
> Every night I an getting a report showing a lot ( 200-1000) of I/O 
> errors on DM-0.   I have also starting getting reports of I/O errors on 
> files.   However I do not seem to be able to get any info on what is 
> causing these issues.   I thought if a drive was causing the problems, 
> the raid array would be correcting for them.  I would have expecting a 
> warning saying I had a drive going bad but not un recoverable errors.  
> The Hardware config is Tyan GX28 with a LSI Megaraid 1430G controller 4X 
> 500 GB SATA drives.  I have been doing online searches but so far not 
> much luck.   Does any one have any ideas ?

Doesn't the Megaraid BIOS console tell you?


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