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suvayu ali wrote:
>> Dear interviewees!
>> Thank you for your responses. But you just don't understand. I know
>> how to configure mouse buttons for left hand (i.e. reverse buttons
>> functions). I don't know how to change mouse _pointer_ orientation. I
>> would like to change it like this:
>> http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/7656/mouseu.jpg
>> I remember it was possible in the days of FC7.
> That is easy! I don't know about KDE but for GTK based desktops like
> Gnome or XFCE just select the appropriate theme, e.g. LBluecurve.
> Have fun, and Merry Christmas :)
KDE also has "cursor themes".  Easy to find under "System Settings". 
The only left handed theme included by default is as you
said...LBluecurve.  More can be downloaded from www.kde-look.org and
there is a corresponding gnome-look.org.

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