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2009/12/1 Joachim Backes <[email protected]>:
> After applying the most recent FC12 updates I have problems to mount
> floppies: The device /dev/fd0 is lost, and I have to do call "modprobe
> floppy" for getting the floppy operable
> (kernel-PAE-
> No such problem with kernel-PAE-
> Anybody has similar problems?
> UDEV problem?
> Installed:  libudev-145-14.fc12.i686, udev-145-14.fc12.i686

I have similar problem. On my system:
uname -a
Linux ***.** #1 SMP Tue Nov 17 21:10:57 EST 2009
i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
I have to run # MAKEDEV fd0 each time after reboot to be able mount floppy.
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