Trying to get Audio Working on F11

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OK, I seem to have backed myself into a hole in the ground.

I have recently installed F11.
I noticed that sound was not playing on the few videos that would play from
youtube (the rest of the videos are waiting for me to get flash working a 
separate problem).

I tried aplay, me and root.  Nothing.
I removed pulseaudio with
	yum remove pulseaudio
and now aplay could play sounds as root, but not me.
I checked /dev/snd, and it is 660 root and audio.
I changed that to 666 and I could play sounds as me.
OK, back up, changed it back to 660, and added myself to the audio group.
FOR SOME REASON this did now work.  Mumph, no sound as me.

OK, decided to back up again.
Reinstalled pulseaudio, but was back to where I was to start with, no audio.
Reremoved pulseaudio.
But NOW I dont get sound with aplay under any conditions, not me, not root.

So, I dont know where to go next.
I currently have no sould from aplay, nomatter who the user.

Things were so much simpler back before this pulseaudio thing came along.


Any thoughts on what I should try next, and please dont suggest 
reinstalling F11...

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