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On November 26, 2009, Craig White wrote:
> Since I upgraded to F12, I have noticed that it is very slow to respond
> to clicks in the task bar - i.e., a long delay if I click the 'fedora'
> start button or any of the applications in the 'Task Switcher' widget.
> Discernibly slower than F11
> FWIW, I am booting with nomodesetting option and using 'nv' driver with
> an xorg.conf setting (the same as I was using in F11) because I simply
> cannot get 1280x1024 with the nouveau driver, even with 'nomodesetting'
> boot option.
> Anyone else notice this? Is there something I am doing wrong?

I've noticed exactly the same behaviour, and its driving me nuts... clicking 
on the "Start" Menu takes ~10-15s to pop up, but starting apps on my panel by 
clicking on the icon works nice and fast.  KRunner also takes ~10-15s to 
appear if I hit ALT-F2, and more often than not bringing up the desktop 
context menu is fast but it then stalls when trying to  disappear again.

I'm inclined to think that its _something_ to do with Plasma, but that's only 
because all of these items (panel, krunner, desktop menu) are handled via 
plasma.  I've also got an nVidia card here, although I'm using the non-free 
drivers from nVidia.

Worst of all, when it stalls, it actually stalls out the whole desktop; if I 
was to move my mouse anywhere else and try to click on another window it 
doesn't respond; I can see the mouse move, but nothing else will respond to 
clicks until its finished stalling.

Is driving me nuts, though... its making it painfully brutally slow to get 
anything done when every time I click on something I have to wait 10-15s for 
it to respond. :|

Graham TerMarsch

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