Re: Fedora 11: Very very slow graphics rendering

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2009/10/13 Ed Greshko <[email protected]>
Jwalant Natvarlal Soneji wrote:
> Problem: Fedora 11 is very very slow while it comes to rendering
> graphics. It makes the experience really very poor. Clicking on any
> menu or opening of any item is dead slow. And then I will have to wait
> and see each and every part of its message boxes, screens, buttons
> loading and then can click on them.
> PC Configuration:
> Athlon AMD 1500+ (1.3 GHz)
> RAM: 1GB
> Swap size: 1 GB
> / partition size: 12GB
> Note: Fedora 10 was working great!
If you are having graphics rendering problems, don't you think it would
be a good idea to tell folks what graphics card you are using and what

Your analyst has you mixed up with another patient. Don't believe a
thing he tells you. Guess Who!

Sorry, as I am a beginner in Fedora, can someone please suggest me way to find the name of the graphics driver used?
The system was setup with default things; it was slow as mentioned.
Then with YUMEX, i installed the Xorg-11-S3 driver, and then restarted the machine; to end up with the same result.
I looked in the menus of KDE but could not find the drivers list or the default driver info.
Please suggest.

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