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On Sun, 2009-08-09 at 10:33 -0400, Andrew Jamison wrote:
> Added kde.repo file in yum repos.d folder and copied paste the mirror list.
> > And ran Yumex and got all kinds of errors.
> > I should have told you i'm running FC11/KDE/X86_64 , will that make a 
> > difference ?
> >
> I might be a little slow here but what is the point of adding a KDE repo
> when kde is updated through the fedora official repositories?

The KDE repo tends to have stuff before it gets to the "official" Fedora
repos, e.g. kde-testing has had 4.3 for a while, but it appeared on
updates-testing only yesterday (note that it's the same set of RPMs).
This is useful for people interested in getting their hands on the new
stuff and testing it without having to build it all themselves.

If you prefer to play it safe, stick to the standard updates.


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