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you are on the money Mikkel,

after my first email, i noted that in fact what i had on FC10's fstab was /dev/sdb1, not the /dev/sdd1 that is the actual device node being used.

how happy i was in my ignorance!  i also just read in a related thread that using fstab isn't a good idea as its used primarily at boot time.

let me slap a label on this puppy and see if i can make it howl! :)

thx again, jackc...

On 06/30/2009 04:06 PM, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
jack craig wrote:
Hi Fedora Folks,

over the weekend, i decided to upgrade my fc10 to fc11. it wasnt too
painful, it only broke my email and mplayer.

however, as i used my sd card to shuttle files to/from my moblin
netbook, i had a /etc/fstab entry of the form, ...

/dev/sdd1  /media/disk             ext3                defaults   0 0

and this bought me the assurance that upon mount, /media/disk/.. is
where i'd find my sd card files.

now with fc11, this same entry fails to do the job, i get a system
generated mount point of the form, ...

/dev/sdd1 on /media/c35d465d-bf2b-4c9a-9fd4-5a6e02d8d219 type ext2

and if i add my fstab entry, i get an error about only root can mount
/dev/sdd1 on /media/disk.

could someone point me to how to override this behaviour?

With that fstab entry, you should have gotten the same error in F10.
You need the user or users option to let a normal user mount an
entry in fstab. What it looks like you are getting as a mount point
is the uuid of the partation on the SD card. I suspect that the
fstab entry was not used in F10, and HAL was using /media/disk as
the mount point. Now, if you label the partition, you should get a
mount point of /media/<label>.


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