Comments from a new user: what is Distrowatch complaining about?

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Of course, there has been many updates since the final release, but  I'm
using Fedora 11.1 x86_64 on an AMD X3 7200 system.

Installation went well. Only Brasero refused to work. It pretended to burn
a DVD, never complained till the end, but the DVD was left blank. A
similar problem is described here:

I never had much success with Brasero, even on an other PC, so I switched
to K3B, which never failed me. Big download though.

I'm a heavy clipboard user and I really don't like glipper slowly
unfolding its list when it gets longer than a screen. So, I wanted to
install klipper.

"yum install klipper" didn't produce any result, as urpmi klipper, in
Mandriva would.

Then I learned about the search option at FedoraFaqs and things went
better. But Mandriva's urpmi searches automatically and makes propositions
if it's not sure. Btter.

Why is groupinstall needed for XFCE, not for kdebase, for instance?  No
groupinstall in Mandriva. Why groupinstall and check-updates (with an

I would appreciate to see what Package Manager for GNOME is doing rather
than doing its thing and giving no info.

The application "Dictionary Look up" didn't close after a search, hiding
the tab I was using to write this.

Apparently, you better not click "Suspend" on a Desktop. First reboot
ended on a blank screen, the second on a green striped screen, only the
third succeeded. I suppose I shouldn't have done this, but what if the
children use the computer and click it, just to see what happened... like
I did? Maybe the option should be removed for desktops.

The Boot up splash screen doesn't appear unless I press "Enter", and
that's after I set it to stay for 12 seconds instead of 1, as seems to be
the default. I like the standard procedure better: give me the splash

BTW, getting to the login screen in less than 10 seconds is just
dumbfounding! It makes you machine look liek a tiger.

I couldn't install Abobe Flash as suggested by Fedorafaqs. Adobe's
instructions are much simpler and work very well:

Download the x86_64 package, un gzip it on the desktop, copy to:


Restart Firefox, go to YouTube :)

Ok, I understand that all these are not show stoppers, like the "Out of
range" I received while rebooting the latest Mandriva x86_64, for
instance, but ironing out a few rough edges would certainly make new
users' experience more pleasant.

If this is what FreeBSD friendly Distrowatch calls the shop stoppers of a
bleeding edge distro, I'm all for bleeding edge.

P.s.: I'll have a few questions about installing NVIDIA drivers --
rpmfusion vs NVIDIA's own install program -- and watching evil WMV... on
state tv* -- God damn this rotten bunch of morons! -- in my next message.

*See for instance:

This used to... kinda work with MediaPlayerConnectivity and mplayer,
sometimes editing URLs, but MPC is not available for Firefox 3.5 .

Of course, you have to understand that Microsoft is doing its best so that
Canadians can't watch the state television unless they buy Windows.

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